Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MoSocial?
MoSocial is a dynamic mobile private label platform designed to enable ongoing mobile community or virtual mobile communication for events|conferences.

How can I start my mobile community?
Just choose a package that fits you. You get a special email containing access information to setup, adjust and personalize your mobile community site.

What communication tools are available for users?
SMS and e-mail messaging, VoIP calls, P2P chats. User personal information is not disclosed. Though if contacting anyone in a system, the person unveils his/her contact information to facilitate communication.

How many events can I run simultaneously?
You can run the same virtual mobile event several times. For example: every week for a day. Different communities require separate packages purchased.

Can I start with small package for now and upgrade later?
Yes, you can upgrade to Professional or Enterprise packages when you have more users in a system. You just pay the difference.

What can I control inside my mobile community as event owner?
You can setup registration questions and community descriptions. MoSocial white-label mobile community platform provides you with a full access to your user database, their profiles and activity statistics. Mass SMS option, special marketing tools are also available for each package.

Can I personalize my community/online event to match my brand?
Yes. You can add your own logo, favicon, domain, community descriptions.

What kind of support does MoSocial team provide?
You can contact us via email or phone. Our professional managers are ready to assist.

How long does it take to setup?
It usually takes one to two hours to adjust everything. You can setup every aspect of your mobile community yourself from administration panel.

Is there an event time limit?
You decide. The event can be available online only for a limited time (if used as a mobile communication tool for offline events|conferences) or for a long time (in case of ongoing mobile community).

Can I get my users data if I choose to terminate the account?

is a powerful communication web-mobile application.

Reviews & Testimonials:

We all have busy lives and now find it difficult to meet up at the same place for weekly club meetings. We now use MoSocial as a mobile meetup for our club members so we can get everyone together in real time so no one misses important meetings.
Jemma, Womens World

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